Thank you

Neil Carter , thank you so much for helping us. And for giving us such good advice, but most importantly for believing in me. I hope you know how much you’ve helped us and how much I appreciate it. Thank you

Really Helpful

Mr. Carter is very caring, and while fully capable of working with a wide variety of client issues, he has specialized training in: Couples Counseling, Relationship enhancement for men who want or need to have better relationships with their families.Highly recommended!

Caring, Compassionate…‎‎‎

Neil Carter has been of great service to me. He is dedicated and compassionate. He has a way of being a effective professional while maintaining a supportive, almost friendly disposition. He has my recommendation.‎‎‎

Good family counselor‎‎

Working with Neil has changed my relationship with my husband in a truly positive way.‎

Amazing skills‎‎

Neil Carter done such a great job of helping me to become more empowered in my life. He has skillfully assisted me in the process of transitioning from a state of fear and being stuck to positive movement and obtaining personal and professional goals. I always leave his office feeling excited and joyful.‎

Pleased client!‎‎

Seeing Neil Carter was hugely helpful. His office is a supportive, non-judgmental place to find perspective and get guidance on any number of issues. He’s easy to talk to and presents concrete, straight forward techniques for dealing with life’s challenges.‎‎